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Are you passionate about your sport or active lifestyle, but concerned about the toll it could take on your smile?

Protecting your teeth is crucial. Discover how our custom-made mouth guards offer superior protection and comfort, ensuring you can focus on your game with confidence.

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Who benefits from a custom mouth guard?

Individuals of all ages dedicated to sports or physical activities, aiming to safeguard their smiles with not just the best protection, but also an impeccable fit and comfort.

Maximized Protection: Enjoy total defense against impacts and injuries during contact sports like football or other physical exertion that puts your teeth at risk.

Custom Comfort: Experience a personalized fit that ensures comfort, allowing you to stay laser-focused without the distraction of oral injuries.

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The Process

Consultation: Discuss your activity level and specific needs to determine the ideal mouth guard design.

Impression: We’ll take precise impressions to ensure a custom-fit mouth guard tailored to your unique oral structure.

Fitting: We’ll ensure everything is comfortable and fitting properly for optimal performance and make any necessary adjustments.

Regular Check Ins: We’re happy to assess your mouth guard’s performance and make any necessary adjustments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my mouth guard?

It really depends on your age, how often it’s used, and signs of wear and tear. In general, we recommend every 1 to 2 years to ensure optimal effectiveness. Any changes in fit, discoloration, cracking, or a decrease in comfort should be followed up to let us check for you.

What is the best way to clean a mouth guard?

It’s important to keep your mouth guard clean. Be sure to rinse it with warm water immediately after each use. You can use a toothbrush to gently brush it, but skip the toothpaste since it may be too abrasive. Set your clean mouth guard on a clean surface to dry completely before storing it in your case so it’s ready for your next game or activity.

Will a custom mouth guard affect my speech or breathing?

No, our custom mouth guards are designed to provide a secure fit without hindering speech or breathing. The fitting process ensures optimal comfort and functionality, allowing you to communicate effectively and breathe naturally, enhancing your overall performance.

Is a custom mouth guard worth it?

Store-bought mouth guards offer some level of protection they lack the fit, comfort, and protection of their custom made counterparts. Custom mouth guards, crafted for optimal performance, communication, and comfort, provide a superior alternative. Engineered to maximize endurance and oxygen intake, ensure natural speech, and deliver a comfortable fit without compromising protection. Investing in a custom mouth guard goes beyond prevention, considering potential dental injury costs.

What Patients Have To Say

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Why choose Odyssey?

  • Dr. Joseph brings expertise in crafting custom mouth guards tailored to your specific needs and activity level.
  • Our practice utilizes advanced technology to create precision-fitted mouth guards for optimal protection.
  • We offer a personalized approach, ensuring your mouth guard aligns with your unique requirements and comfort.
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