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Are loose or missing teeth making it a challenge to enjoy your favorite foods and affecting your confidence in social situations?

We offer a variety of denture options from traditional dentures to partials and implant supported dentures to help our patients regain a complete, beautiful, and fully functioning smile.

Our office strives to stay on the leading edge of dentistry and uses the most advanced tools and materials to handcraft professional-grade dentures that look and feel great. Contact our office to schedule your denture consultation!

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Traditional Dentures

We use advanced techniques and technologies to create comfortable, form-fitting traditional dentures that can replace a partial or full arch of teeth. Our traditional dentures are a budget-friendly, reliable tooth replacement option. Unsure of which type of denture you need? Read about each of our denture options and schedule a consultation to learn more!

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Partial Dentures

Our partial dentures are a great solution for patients missing some but not an entire arch of teeth. Partial dentures are designed to fill in the empty spaces. They utilize discreet clasps that attach to existing teeth to hold them in place.

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Full Dentures

Our traditional, full dentures are custom-designed to sit snugly along the gum line. In addition to their customized fit, we recommend using a long-lasting, extra-strength denture adhesive to keep them in place throughout the day.

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Implant Supported Dentures

If you’re tired of the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional dentures, consider the benefits of implant supported solutions. Our permanent implant dentures provide a stable foundation, securely attaching to strategically placed implants. Alternatively, our Snap-On implant supported dentures offer the convenience of easy snapping into place, ensuring a day of confident wear without slipping or sliding. Beyond the secure fit, implants actively stimulate your jawbone, preventing the bone degradation often associated with tooth loss. Embrace a reliable and comfortable solution for a renewed, confident smile.

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