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Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to fortify your teeth against decay and promote lasting oral health?

Discover the power of professional Fluoride Treatments, a cornerstone of preventive care, strengthening enamel and providing a robust defense against cavities. Experience the benefits in a comfortable environment where your dental health is our top priority.

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Who benefits from fluoride treatments?

Children, especially those with developing teeth, often receive fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities.

However, adults can benefit, too! The ADA recommends patients over 18 and adults with root caries should receive 2.26% fluoride varnish every 6 months. Fluoride helps remineralization and prevents caries.

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The Process

Getting a fluoride treatment is a pain-free process. Your dental hygienist “paints” the varnish right on your teeth after your cleaning. You can even choose your flavor!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t fluoride be obtained from toothpaste alone?

While toothpaste contains fluoride, professional treatments provide a higher concentration and offer additional protection.

Is fluoride treatment safe?

Yes, when administered by a professional in appropriate amounts, fluoride treatment is safe and beneficial for oral health.

Does dental insurance cover fluoride treatments?

Coverage varies, but many dental insurance plans do cover preventive fluoride treatments, especially for children.

How long does fluoride treatment take?

The treatment is quick, usually taking only a few minutes, so it’s a convenient option at the end of your regular cleaning.

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